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Manifesting Your Life One Laugh At A Time


Rachel Pastiloff (my sister), a
transplant from Berkeley CA to
McDonough Georgia, gives you a
look into the life of a mom with
an almost 7 yr old child with special
needs, an extremely active 4 year-old,
goats, dogs.& chickens.  Live
with her & laugh with her

Real life....honest & it's best!

365 til 30
Hi I’m Kate

Kate is a writer, blogger and host living in Los Angeles.
Kate is guaranteed to make you smile!
Follow her journey to age 30 one day at a time! And beyond to
The Wedding.
She Turned Her Cant's Into Cans...And Her Dreams Into Plans

Red Dirt Lattes

cross-cultural adventures with a
mixed-up family

Sabrina Lloyd

Little Seal
Ronan's Blog

In January 2011, writer Emily Rapp & her
husband, Rick Louis, learned that their
9 month old son, Ronan, has Tay-Sachs
disease, a rare, incurable, genetic,
progressive disease that will claim
Ronan’s life in the next few years.  

Shortly thereafter, Emily began
"Little Seal", her blog to chronicle her
family’s time with Ronan and their
struggle with the disease.

Little Seal Was Just Chosen As One
Of  Times Magazines 25 Best Blogs of 2012

Emily's Amazing Book
"The Still Point Of The Turning World"

Positively Positive
Your Attitude+Your
Choices=Your Life

Positively Positive’s message has s
wept the globe. Embracing and
broadcasting the voices of over
one million fellow humans. For
us, the response has been both
inspiring and humbling.

I am also a contributor to
Positively Positive and have a
weekly Monday Column.

Your Guide To Wellness

At we hope to mak
e wellness inclusive and fun through original
articles, tips, news, interviews and more!

I am also a wellness expert on
Mind Body Green- read more here

Danielle Orner
" Life is about discovering the beauty in our ugliness, the peace in our uncertainty, the strength
in our weakness, and the love in our fear." - Danielle, Cancer Survivor,
Actress, Writer, and Motivational Speaker

Here is the awe-inspiring guest post Danielle did on my blog Manifest Station
Spiritual Temper Tantrums An Absolute Must Read
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I Love Karen Salmansohn Best Selling Author & Oprah Columnist - Karen's blog posts - filled with happiness wisdom
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Here Are The Blogs I Love To Follow!

Owning Pink

Lost your mojo? Get it back! Got it on? Share it!
At Owning Pink, we hold safe space for you to be
exactly who you are. No matter who you were,
who you are

Owning Pink belongs to all who seek and who share
themselves freely, and so we invite you to help
us maintain the spirit of love and  authenticity
that characterizes this site and our

I am also a contributing blogger
On Owning Pink

Confessions Of An Imperfect Life

Why are some imperfections in our lives so easy to share with others, whereas others are buried so
deeply that we almost forget they are a part of us?

For me, opening up provided a release, and allowed me to let myself be imperfect without feeling like a failure.
I encourage you to open up about one of your imperfections and feel the support that pours in.  You always have mine.

xx, Katie D

Chataigne Style
                                        Your guide to fashion, beauty & all things vivacious
   Style Expert /Editor: Melissa Chataigne

Melissa Chataigne, is the “woman in-the-know” reporting on fashion
and beauty trends and celebrity style. She is a skilled wardrobe stylist,
writer, and style expert whose skills have been tapped by a growing
number of media outlets including Clevver TV and MSN. Whether
she’s unveiling the latest fashion trends for the style conscious or
commenting on celebrity style, Melissa’s energy, expertise, and
quick wit leaves her viewers wanting more.

Inspire* Empower * Transform
Alimi Ballard
"It started with me randomly posting
positive messages in my Facebook
status, to Searching out uplifting
'quotes' to share DAILY, then Joining
Twitter to do the same, to giving
Empowerment-based speaking
engagements, to this :))

My goal's to create a portal in
order to share

“A Life and Style Coach for MOM’s not Stars”

Can You Handle the Truth? Expect to be Informed, Amazed, Titillated and Yes
Offended!  Commentary on Life, Love, Home and all the bits in between.

Yoga Chat

My friend Joni hosts the Internet radio show
Yoga Chat with the accidental yogist
every Wednesday at 1pm Pacific on and blogs about each
episode at:

Dahn Elle Dior Ballard

Speak Up!!  Smile Up!!

Hello and thank you for joining us at Every Mother Counts. I founded Every Mother Counts in
2010 after completing my first documentary film, “No Woman, No Cry” about a subject I have become
passionate about since I became a mom in 2003. For some of you, I may be familiar because of my
career as a model but for the better part of those years I was also an advocate for preventative
health and wellness.

For the last several years I've spent my time juggling being a working mom and wife, while
advocating for global maternal health as a student of public health.

Christy Turlington Burns
hi, i’m mary beth. welcome to my little home on the web.

I'm a yoga teacher, writer, and lover of avocados, homemade chai tea, and hip hop. I am an Iowa girl living blissfully in Venice beach with my handsome man
and our lovable English bulldog, Rosy. You’ll find me riding my bike, going to the farmers’ market, and taking road trips with my fam.

Whether it’s through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, my
mission is to lead people toward their bliss. sustainable, fulfilling, ohmygodilovemylife bliss.

NEWSGIRL ABOUT TOWNS: From New York to London to Elsewhere and Back Again.

"My dear friend, writer Sara Lieberman, author of the upcoming "The Handbags Tale",
travels the world and shares with you the adventures, insides & outsides of a real
person traveling who is also a brilliant writer.  A Must Read"-

Who's That News Girl?

"I met Sara when I taught my Manifestation workshop in NYC and she joined me
on my Italy retreat July 2012. This post is a testament as to what goes down
at one of my retreats. I could not have written it better myself!
It’s such an honor that she wrote this.

Thank you Sara. Thank you. See you all in Italy next time!"

Awe & Wonder 2012 by Sara Lieberman
A Testament To All Things Italian

Follow Me Films

A place for projects that inspire

"A brave & beautifully inspiring

Marika Delan

"A glorious talent"-Jen

Tiny Wisdom: Shine Your
Inner Star
The Tiny Buddha brings you wisdom!
Read for wisdom quotes and tips and stories
about letting go and letting happiness in.

I Love Tiny Buddha
Here are some of my contributions:

Love Yourself, Accept Yourself, Forgive Yourself

The Future Is Completely Open

"The future is a wide open field leading to the greatest version of yourself
you could possibly imagine."
Bryant McGill - Jenni Young- Simple Reminders

for living an inspired life

Simple Reminders is a co-creative project of inspiration by Jenni Young and Bryant McGill.
Jenni and Bryant are both photographers, writers and designers who love
inspiring others and sharing all of the beauty they observe together on
their path through life.

Bryant and Jenni's Simple Reminders and photos are regularly seen in books,
magazines, newspapers, television and around the web including places such as:,,,,, Origin Magazine,,,, Los Angeles Times, Yoga & Joyful Living, Yoga Magazine UK,
LA Yoga and The Advocate.

All Original Photography, Art and Stories with Inspirational Quotes
Published in Books and Seen by Over 3 Million People Each Month!

They will inspire you & lift your spirits"...Jen