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In Joy creates all natural body care products with organically grown and wild-crafted plants. We grow
and harvest most of our own plants in Northern California. Our products are handcrafted with only
pure, natural and organic ingredients, that are good for you and leave a light footprint on the Earth.
Lotions & Creams  Oils & Linaments  Children
Free of anything synthetic, colors & fragrances
Libby Pilates LA & Santa Monica
Libby Bideau brings her movement experience to Pilates,
combining yoga-inspired stretch techniques for the total
body and physical therapy influenced strengthening for
contouring. Classes with Libby are currently being held
in Santa Monica, right off the water.

Robert Sturman

A r t i s t/P h o t o g r a f í a
"It is the study of yoga that has triggered one of
the most creative periods of Sturman's career,
resulting in a series of stunning portraits that
capture the beauty and poetry of Asana, the
repertory of postures included in the
practice of yoga."

— Tara Parker-Pope,

The New York Times

The Best in Skin Care
Santa Monica/LA
Tranquility Skin & Body Care
Escape to Tranquility...
Tranquility skin and body care is a Boutique style
Skin Care Salon that prides itself on the most
personalized service.

You will find the location off Wilshire a private, quiet
and peaceful retreat from daily hectic life. Once
inside you will experience friendly and extremely
educated highly experienced skin care therapists
who will take the best possible care to make you
feel recharged, renewed, and revived. We
specialize in skin and body care for
men and women.
What Makes You Eat?
The Original Culinary Life Coach and Therapist. Culinary
Therapy is a new modality of  Occupational Therapy
created by chef and clinical bodymind therapist
Caspar Poyck.  Your life can change in ways
you never thought possible.
Watch Caspar's Video

Most people don't even realize that they are living
a life of mediocre health until they start to eat better
and feel more energy... The kind of energy that makes
you jump out of bed, excited to start the day.

Philosophie specializes in one on one or small group
cleanses/detox using only raw, organic foods. I
(Sophie Jaffe) am also a certified yoga teacher and
personal trainer, and thereby focus on bringing
together all aspects of my training to meet
particular goals and intentions of
individual clients.

The Philosophie superfood powders are blends of the
very best plant-based materials on earth. Superfoods are
vitamin and mineral-dense substances prized for their
unique nutrient profiles and ability to activate the body's
natural potential for cleansing, repairing, and rebuilding.  

Superfoods have powerful ingredients that trigger profound
transformation in the body and support its every process
in crucial ways--like vitamin B, which is typically only
found in animal proteins.

Much of the food we eat today has lost its original
nourishing power due to mineral depletion in the soil and
other consequences of mass production.  I crafted these
powders to return the supercharged magic of nature's
best medicines to your diet and your every thirsty cell.
I've combined these potent ingredients in a synergistic
way that delivers the absolutely best healing action.  

Want proof?  YOU'RE the proof!  Take the Philosophie
Challenge and add a superfood blend to your diet every
day for a week, and feel the difference in energy,
clarity, and balance.  Add these highest-quality powders
to smoothies, muffins, soups and more, and discover the
true bounty of a supercharged life.  Ultimate health is
your body's mission.  
Philosophie superfood powders
make it possible.
The Body Restoration Massage Group
Las Vegas Massage Therapy
Certified Mobile Massage & Bodywork
Las Vegas &  Henderson NV & Lake Las Vegas & Summerland
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial
Release, Ortho-Bionomy, Sports Massage & Certified
Pre-Natal Massage
Professional Holistic Therapeutic
Licensed Mobile Massage Therapy

702 524 5686
Holistic Massage Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada
Mobile Massage Therapeutic Las Vegas & Henderson

Los Angeles Santa Monica Areas Only
Are You Are In Pain?
Structural Integration
With Heather
Call Barbara To Set Up An
In-Home Appointment

If anyone is traveling to Las Vegas please call
Barbara Potter (Jennifer's mom) for a referral for
mobile massage therapist.

Center for Transformation and Growth
Creating Change from the Core

Melissa Lapides
I hold a Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology
from The California Institute of Integral Studies, a Marriage
and Family Therapy license in the state of California and I
am constantly engaged in workshops, seminars and classes
to stay completely immersed in the realm of psycho/spiritual
practices and education. It is my passion!

I was inspired to start Center for Growth and Transformation
because of my own path of healing. By walking through the
very darkest places of my life and then working through it
and transforming it, I have seen with my own eyes that
healing is possible. We have the power to create our
own realities and live the life of our dreams. I know
firsthand how effective

The primary goal of Center for Growth and Transformation
is the open up this work to anyone, anywhere. My office
is located in Kentfield, CA however, I am expanding my
reach by opening up my coaching to Skype clients. No
matter where you are, you too can experience this
freedom and discover your true self.

"My inspiration comes from all of life; its beauty, its
ever-changing form, the light and dark, the extremes it
encompasses and all the colors in between. I have always
been fascinated with the power and beauty of color, the
merging and mixing of it and the many shades and shapes
it can develop into. My intention with my paintings is
that they connect with something inside of each
Annabel Ruffell

Art Classes for Adults & Children
Journey of Discovery Art

Now Available From Annabel Ruffell:

 Many images and designs available for kids rooms, playrooms,
living rooms, outside spaces, stores, schools and more!
Conscious, Ink.
Temporary on the skin. Indelible on the soul.

Can a temporary tattoo leave a lasting impression on
our disposition? Solidify our intentions and affirmations?
And make a permanent mark on the world? Crazy as it
seems, I say yes. In fact, I'm very enthusiastic about it!

Frank Gjata, founder of Conscious, Ink whose
mission is to raise consciousness around the world,
one tattooed (albeit temporarily) body at a time.
Of course, these are no ordinary tats.

Jennifer Pastiloff gave all of the attendees of her
retreat in Tuscany July 2012 Conscious Ink
Temporary Tattoos- picture above.

Jennifer Pastiloff gave all of the attendees of her
retreat in Ojai October 2012 Conscious Ink
Temporary Tattoos- picture above.
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos

Jenni Young Photography
Bryant McGill
Recreation For Children
Hazard County Skatepark
McDonough Georgia
Skateboards & Clothing To Order on Line
Skateshop McDonough, Georgia

Skateboarding Lessons/Classes
McDonough, Ga With Jona Owings
Practice Yoga Online with Jennifer

Performance Photography
Amber Paresa
Performance Photography
Santa Barbara & The World
Yoga Photography Philadelphia
Joe Longo Photography
Photo Shoots With Joe Longo of
Philadelphia- Joe also travels to do
photo shoots around the country check
with his website.
Joe Longo Yoga Portfolio
Joe also does family & event photography too!!
Joe Longo caputuring Jennifer Pastiloff in Philadelphia

the OMies understand that love unites,
inspires & rewards. Meet OMies encourage
authenticity and integrity as essential
components of life. Thanks for visiting and
please remember,
11% of all purchases goes to helping families
with autistic children
, so
when you buy, you make a difference
and we never forget..

Yoga McDonough, Georgia
Hazard County Yoga
Rachel Pastiloff, RYT

Rachel Pastiloff, following in her sister
Jennifer's footsteps, opens up a yoga  
studio in McDonough, Georgia,
Hazard County Yoga

Private/Semi-Private in-home yoga sessions
are also available as well as corporate
yoga classes & children's yoga events.

Spreading joy through yoga across
the USA.
Jennifer Pastiloff's
Manifestation Yoga®
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga-Conscious Ink Tattoos

Closet Make-Over
Wardrobe Make-Over
Life Make-Over
“A Life and Style Coach for MOM’s not Stars”

Dahn Elle Dior Ballard

Let's Shop Your Closet & Reinvent Your Wardrobe!

Wardrobe reinvention and closet overhauls are basic
components to getting you back on track with how you
feel in your clothes and how you walk out in the world.

Life Coaching & Workshops

Workshops and One on Ones are designed to inspire,
renew and create focus in your life! Let\'s work
on living your best life together!

Come On You Know You Want To!!
Jennifer Pastiloff Simple Reminders
Rachel Pastiloff Hazard County Yoga

"We aspire to be the world’s premiere online retreat marketplace–where all manner of retreats the world over can be easily found
and purchased, and where our collective experience and resources can positively impact the livelihoods of those who have
dedicated themselves to helping others find what they seek…whatever that might be."
Find Jen on Seek Retreat

Chataigne Style
                                        Your guide to fashion, beauty & all things vivacious
   Style Expert /Editor: Melissa Chataigne
Melissa Chataigne, is the “woman in-the-know” reporting on fashion
writer, and style expert whose skills have been tapped by a growing
number of media outlets including Clevver TV and MSN. Whether
she’s unveiling the latest fashion trends for the style conscious or
commenting on celebrity style, Melissa’s energy, expertise, and
quick wit leaves her viewers wanting more.

is transformational fitness integrating
hula hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness
meditation. The practice provides a full body,
holistic workout that inspires the FITness required
to live a life of ease, strength and beauty. The online
video includes seated and dynamic movement
meditations that are challenging and accessible
to all.
No hooping experience required.
Get it here:

"We did this at my Labor Day 2013 Retreat in Ojai,
Ca. Jocelyn was amazing and we had the class
twice because everyone loved it so much."-Jen