Comments From The Retreat
Sayulita Mexcico

Debra Cote in Las Vegas wrote ( from week
spent at retreat to Sayulita, Mexico with
Jen and Miranda and Jana Saunders)~
"Jen,  thanks so much. Your yoga classes
have so much love, intuition, joy
and acceptance- just like you!"

Thanks Jen! You are an amazing yoga
teacher! Sooo much fun. Truly!"
Actress Amy Jo Johnson,
star of CBS Flashpoint.

{Thanks for rockin' my body and taking me
to yogic levels I didn't know I could handle!!"
David Yost, actor

Heather McConochie

Thanks for being so amazing! You inspire
me with your ongoing devotion to make
a difference for other people through
Yogabear, and everything
else you do!

Santa Monica

Hilla Pear

"Jenn is not someone you meet every day, in addition to being a great
teacher with lots of knowledge and wonderful teaching skills, she's one
of the kindest people I know, she always thinks about how she can help
others and really cares about her students. Her beautiful personality and
energy makes her classes a transforming experience, where everyone can
find a place for himself /herself. The classes are for all levels, and as
Jenn says "all things happen all the time", which allows you to be who
you are, no judgment...Her music choices are awesome, and fits
beautifully with the practice and the mood.

I'm so grateful to have Jen Pastiloff in my life!"

Hilla Pear
Make-up Artist


"Your class has brought me so much more
than I have experienced from most Yoga
classes and offers me something my practice
was lacking; a guide to my truer self.
Practicing under your guidance and your
approach is allowing me to delve deeper into
my being, to shed unwanted layers of inner
conflict, unwanted thoughts, actions and
deeds thus opening me up to being lighter,
happier and more loving of myself and with
the people in my life. Your class has  been
and continues to be a key in the continual
process of self discovery for an improving,
happier and truer me."



I love Jennifer Pastiloff--as an instructor, and in turn, a human being.
Her class is a balanced lyricism in challenging asana poses and yoga as
a life practice. She lives her yoga on and off the mat, standing upright,
eye-view to the world, neither looking down, or chin-up, only straight
down the middle path.

She is accessible to her students in the way a yoga instructor should be.
As a person who is neither higher-than-thou, in body, mind, or action;
but as a person who simply that. A person. Practicing asana. With
bruises on her gratitude-offering-knees under those black leggings.
Sharing what she has learned, and continues to learn, as she lives
eyes open. Teaching us to open our eyes beyond simple seeing, and
then close them to see inside ourselves. So that we might admire
the pictures in our big rooms, inside the even bigger room, that is
the studio, that is the world.

Wynne Renz
Los Angeles

Arielle Dudley

"Subject: In case no one has told you...
Good morning! I thought I would send you some happy note to start your day
off right since you so often start/end other people's days on happy notes.

I want to let you know how inspirational you are to me- and I'm sure everyone that
takes your classes. You have such a powerful and positive aura....and while you are
great at challenging your students, I feel like I'm wrapped in one big hug every time
I come to your class! Case in point- I brought my friend last night and after your
class she just looked at me and said, "wow. I've never cried in a yoga class before.
" This is a testament to how much you are appreciated- even by those who meet
you for the first time- and how great your effect is one's practice/life. You have a
special gift in that you are able to connect with people on a deep level (even in a
class of 25 + people) and elicit a range of emotions that I think help heal, empower,
and ultimately teach us more about ourselves. I have never enjoyed a yoga class
as much as yours.

To add- I love your stories, poems, and humorous anecdotes that you throw in to
the mix. Your soul is's amazing how you treat everyone like they are
special and important to you, all while dealing with your own struggles with hearing
and fulfilling causes you believe in.You are a true yoga goddess and a best friend
to all. I'm really thankful I'm able to take your class and experience your grace."

Thank you!!!

Arielle xoxo

Carrie Underwood  
Santa Monica

"Thank you so much for the amazing work you do! You are truly a one
of a kind yoga teacher, and probably the best I have yet to find. Each
any everyone of your yoga classes is unique and special, because you
pour your heart and soul into each class in a different and unique
way, and it really is noticed and appreciated.

From your amazing sense of humor, to your poetry, to your signature
lavender oil, to the talented musicians and healers you work to bring
to your classes, your classes never cease to uplift my soul and brighten
my spirit. I feel so  grateful and honored to know you and practice
with you. You have truly changed my life!"



"Thank you for creating a healing space
in your yoga classes. It means so much.
It is so wonderful to have the freedom
to sink into an extended restorative
pose or any of the yoga poses.

Thank you.

With so much gratitude for who you
are and your style of teaching."



"I went to your class last night because I wanted to tell you something,
but  evidently I never had the chance.

Last September my older brother passed away, and for obvious reasons it sent
me reeling. After spending only a week back at home, I flew back to California
feeling really lost and out of touch with reality. That is when I decided to try
out yoga, and I tried your Wednesday / Friday classes. I only took your classes
for about six weeks, but let me just tell you that they changed my life. I really
just wanted to let you know how many lives you touch, even when you are not
aware you are doing so. Your class saved me from insanity and really allowed
myself to refocus for just an hour twice a week, until I felt ok."

So keep up your healing Jen!


"Jennifer I was at your yoga class a few
weeks ago at Lulu Lemon and just wanted to
say you are fabulous! I really enjoyed it, and
the healing sound bowls at the end were incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



Jen-"Thank you for your church-like, slightly
Jewish, yogic mini-sermons. In the past 3 weeks,
you have had me: (1) get inspired to clean my
desk, (2) thank my mother, father and
grandmother (all gone), and (3) today, remind
myself that, despite any personal psycho drama
I might find myself in, I am OK really, well-off
even, in the bigger scheme  of things."

Have a good Sunday.




"You are an amazing Yoga instructor.
Ruth and I have been to many studios
but you are by far the best instructor I
have had the opportunity to growth in
my practice. Your attitude, energy and
personality are a rare combination.
Thanks for being so wonderful. I look
forward to many more classes with
you in the future."



Hi Jen!

"Thank you so much for tonight's class...I cannot make your classes as often as
I like cause I am in the South Bay only a few days a week....Usually Mondays and
Wednesdays....have been practicing yoga on and off a little over two years, but never
had such breakthrough. I chose to give thanks to my grandmother who fought breast
cancer for 15 years in Iran. This April will be 27 years since she passed...I was 10 at
the time, too young to appreciate who she was....she loved life, loved us and she
lived in the moment. As daily routine takes over, I tend to forget - tend to take
those so close for granted, human nature perhaps? As I'm getting older, I wish I
could be more like my grandmother - she was so free, she was such a warrior,
wasn't afraid to share who she was with her world. Five years ago, March 20, I
was diagnosed with breast cancer...I had the great fortune of being diagnosed at
an early stage, as a result, didn't have to endure countless chemo and radiation
treatments that she endured. I try to channel her and be empowered by her,
when it's time to visit the oncologist--but it's been years since I've felt her
presence-I miss her!

Just had not realized how much I missed this woman who is a distant memory,
yet unbeknownst to me had such great impact on me and who I am,
until tonight."

Thanks! XO

Katy Dougherty

"Seriously! You are amazing! I never knew yoga to be equal parts spiritually
balancing and physically challenging. It's usually one or the other, but your
classes are truly both. An outstanding work-out plus the reflective
experience of tuning in to what we're manifesting??? Now
THAT'S a rad class!!!"

In gratitude, Katy

Thank You Everyone!

"I am so honored and humbled by the beautiful notes you have sent
regarding your experiences while attending my classes, workshops
& retreats.  If you have something you would like to submit privately
or to have posted please
email me. I would  love to hear from you.
Notes are posted around the website pages and some are
posted on this page. I appreciate all that I receive."

Namaste, Jen xoxo


To Jen-
"My manifestation last weekend was
happiness, giving not receiving. A
friend passed away 3 days ago and I
heard from her family that the time
we spent together meant so much
to her...a big thank you to opening
my eyes to how my actions towards
others makes more of a difference
than I
can know."

"Thank you so much for sharing
this with me."-



"LOVED the manifestation workshop last night and took so much away
from it!!  thank you so much for such a special night--i can't wait
for the next one!!"

Santa Monica
Jennifer Pastiloff's
Manifestation Yoga®

Black Swan Yoga Texas Feb 24th
Austin Texas=Joy!!!

Jen's Blog  Manifestation Station
February 26th, 2012
From Austin, With Love

"A more apt title would be: To Austin, With Love. I led my
first workshop in Austin this past Saturday."-Jen


I was in your workshop yesterday at Black Swan, and I had to jet off after
class...and miss the  chocolate and wine, drat! I just wanted to say thank you
for bringing a condensed version of your manifestation workshop to Austin.
Talk about the universe handing you things when you need them...

I know you probably receive all kinds of feedback. You are so active
(and interactive!) with your social media...despite your very obvious explosion
onto the yoga scene, you still seem very accessible. So I thought I would share
an abbreviated summary of my experience with yesterday's class. The  workshop
hit home for me on two levels.

1. Exactly one week ago, I had the biggest fight with my mother
I have ever had in my life. I have never seen her so angry. Since
then, I have been unable to sleep, downright distracted through
the day, and even nightly sweaty classes at BSY couldn't provide
the calmness I usually left with. Yesterday, the "hallelujah Vinyasa"
finally got me to focus and calm down. Then, the forgiveness of
someone, and of ourselves, obviously struck a chord.

2. For a long time, I have been too good at doing very little.
That "little" is impressive enough that no one else raises an
eyebrow, and it even draws  praise, fairly often. But I am
capable of so much more. I came to your workshop because
I want to manifest discipline and dedication in my life again.
In my letter to my 16 year old self, I asked her not to lose heart,
the tenacity that, to be honest, defined me at that age. When
I was 16, I knew with absolute certainty that I was capable of
anything. I was scared of nothing. And I was, academically,
athletically, and mentally, a "whole-hearter". Somewhere
along the way I lost that.

I don't know how, or why. When did I become so afraid of failure? When did I
forget what it's like to be the best at something, or at least the very best than
I can be? I want it back. And getting back to that is going to require discipline
and dedication.

In thanking the universe in advance for the things coming my way, I realized
that they really ARE on their way. The discipline and dedication I need to
cultivate to bring to law school and the rest of my life has already begun
with my increased dedication and discipline with yoga. I'm already on
my way.

Thank you for helping me realize it.

All my best, C
Austin, Texas

Jen's workshop by
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Thank You Notes

"Something dear to my heart.

I have released over 50lbs of fat,  about to run my first marathon

AND I'm making more money and now extremely happy about my new

All of this was manifested after attending Jennifer Pastiloff's
Manifestation Yoga

Her inspirational story has taught me to overcome the 'obstacles' so I can
be the best I can be.

She did it, I'm on my way, so can you!

Many of you have seen my progress and I want to thank you all. Jen

helped me COMPLETE the job of manifesting the REAL ME.

I Love you all.

Signed your friend:

The Former Fat Guy that couldn't run over 1 mile turned Marathon
Runner and Managing Director of a Beverly Hills Private Equity firm
after meeting Jen Pastiloff

Feel free to re-share this to inspire others."

Ken (see directly below)

March 2012

"I was in the class you covered on Thursday and I wanted to tell you it was
absolutely amazing. I was carrying a lot emotionally that I could not shake; it
was not until your class that I could actually connect with what was bothering me.

I felt like this week was haunting me.  But you began your class with a list of steps
toward manifestation.  One stuck with me: "Expect to be delighted."  This felt so
profound.  It was just...freeing, I would say.  I was freed from being bogged
down in overwhelmingly negative feelings, and could expect to be delighted
and light and joyful in my work.  

You also asked us to have an intent for our practice, but I suppose is pretty
standard but it stuck out for me that night.  I wanted clarity and peace, and
I feel I was actually able to move toward it.  My big breakthrough: Realizing
I am not as impervious as I assumed.  I mean, it seems simple but I really
could not connect with that understanding until practicing in your class.  

Lastly, you had us do an "OM" into the earth, which I had never done
but it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I wish I could have thanked you personally, but I was just so caught up
in myself at the time I didn't feel I could.  So an email must suffice:
thank you."


PS: your playlists are amazing

Tara Berro

"I've been a part of the gym scene over 20 years. I started teaching aerobics in 1983, became
an amateur bodybuilder, got my BS in Sports Medicine, MA in Sports Psychology, and I'm
not tired of gyms yet!  

While it is true, I spend most of my time out on the trails, I still love visiting a great gym
now and then. I was so fortunate to be a guest and visited one of the yoga teachers on staff
at Equinox, Jennifer Pastiloff.  Whoa!  I don't know why, but I always thought the yoga
teachers who taught in health clubs would be less educated and not so great.  I like to be
wrong every now and again, and I was wrong!

Jennifer is just vibrating at a really high frequency in this world of ours.  Equinox should
be so proud to have her. She brings such authenticity and lightness to the world of yoga. As
a yoga practitioner for the last 12 years, I must say, I want to return to Jennifer's class
again and again.  

I promise you, if you are fortunate to be a member of Equinox (more on that later), you
need to take advantage of the "Class A" instruction of Jennifer Pastiloff.  You will leave
feeling loved and in love with your SELF even more.

Equinox is a world class facility with all of the luxurious amenities one would expect from a
club with the already great reputation it has. Oh, and for all you yogis out there, the cost of
membership which includes EVERYTHING they offer, is far more affordable than you can
imagine.  Check it out, do the math, and say hello to Jennifer after you enjoy her class.
She will touch you in the most amazing ways!"


"I’ve had so many awesome teachers in my life from my
mother to the amazing Jana Saunders and YOU! Jennifer
Pastiloff. This insight to kindness is something I really
have learned  to understand through you. You teach me
so much. It’s something I’ve never felt before, the
balance of kindness, humor and honesty.

It’s how I strive to live my life until I die.

Thanks chickie…"

Amy Jo Johnson
Actress Star of CBS Flashpoint
Colin S
Los Angeles

There's only one The Pastiloff. I was lucky
and blessed to stumble into your class at
Meridian, and look forward to every
session I can get with you. For me, it's
the small things that make things
unique  Inspirations.

Notes.  Not following the norm and adding a
little shake and wiggle here and there... these
are the things I get in your class that no one
else would think of. You never let me slack
off either, damn you.




The workshop tonight at POP PHYSIQUE
in Santa Monica

"Thanks for a wonderful class. I learn
something new from you and about
myself after every session.

You are a true inspiration."