"Blown away by Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation
Yoga Workshop last night. It's so, so, so, so much
more than yoga...It's a completely unique, brilliant
and enlivening combination of: YOGA, THERAPY,

I recommend she change the name to:
Jennifer Pastiloff's
Experience! You'll sweat, laugh and cry.

Your body may crave water...Your soul will feel
replenished. I highly highly recommend her
classes, workshops & retreats"

Thank you Jennifer!

Frank Gjata
Owner of
Conscious Ink

Subject: Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing
workshop which touched me at my core. I am
sooo looking forward to the retreat!!!

This is something that i wrote during the

I laughed
I cried
I danced
I sighed

I sang
I flowed
I fought
I let go.

Namaste, :)

Amanda  Davies Santa Monica

Dearest Jennifer.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've been
practicing yoga for 13 years, and, in two
hours with you at Pure last Sunday, my whole
outlook on the practice changed. What I know
is possible to achieve through Asana became
so much more clear. I teach yoga and I work
as a psychotherapist.

With gratitude for all that you manifest and
gratitude for the way that you inspire me
(and everyone else you teach) to live
fiercely, fearlessly and with love."


I'm amazed by your truth, authenticity,  
approachability, as well as how prolific
you are! You bang out posts like
there's no tomorrow...

I had no idea what yesterday would bring,
but I still can't stop smiling and telling
all my friends about it."


Jen W  
Manifestation Workshop
Pure Yoga NYC

The workshop tonight at POP PHYSIQUE
in Santa Monica

"Thanks for a wonderful class. I learn
something new from you and about
myself after every session.

You are a true inspiration."


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regarding your experiences at my classes & workshops.  Please
email me if you
have something you would like to send privately or to be posted.  I appreciate all that
I receive. Some of your notes are posted on this page, around the various website pages
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"Hi Jen- I just wanted to write you a little note and tell you how much
your workshop touched me. I attended on Friday night and came from
Connecticut to see you. I have been following your writing for about a
year and had been signed up for the past two NYC workshops but had
a baby, then was pregnant again, and put it off until finally last night.
I was planning to go Saturday but time away from my now toddler
and 4 month old feels costly (in guilt and sleep!) so opted for the
shorter class, plus I haven't had a regular yoga practice in over 6
months and have ashoulder injury.

I was blown away by your presence, compassion and authenticity.
I didn't know what to expect having read your posts but my
expectations (whatever they were) were exceeded in every way
possible. I felt moved, motivated, scared, happy, excited,
humbled, joyful, connected and frankly, shocked
(in a good way).

I wrote on my sticky note that I am manifesting "having a successful
business" but have amended that to be "having a wildly successful
business" but my worthiness stuff kicks in because I have been
UBER-blessed with an amazing family life and who am I to have it
all? I tell myself, (Iyanla Vanzant said it best), "you are the daughter
in whom God is well-pleased", so that's who I am to have it all. I
am moved to tears when I let that sink in.

Like you, I waited tables on and off for 10+ years and felt like I fucked
up in a variety of ways. My dream all those years was to have a happy
marriage and family, and it humbles me daily to witness that dream in
living color. So now I've upped the ante and want a meaningful +
lucrative work life as well. I am not quite sure what that means yet
but keep looking and trying different things.

So I wanted to share that and let you know that I am deeply grateful
for your work, for you showing up for us on Friday night and for
continuing to manifest your dreams so we can be inspired by them.
I am also manifesting coming to your writing retreat in Vermont in
October, and wouldn't feel sorry for myself if I was with you on a
retreat in Bali within 5 years hahaha.

Dear Jennifer,

My wife and I attended your workshop today at Lumi
yoga in Hammersmith. I was the guy who said: ‘If I wasn’t
afraid…I would leave now.’ And I wasn’t lying. The only
reason I didn’t was because the fear of leaving was greater
than the fear of staying. And I’m so glad I did stay!
It pushed me well out of my comfort zone, in fact I felt
like a fish out of water from the moment I entered  the
room, but the workshop has prompted an incredible
amount of dialogue between my wife and I. In fact we
haven’t stopped talking about it for the last three hours!

All too often I don’t give feedback for positive experiences
and I guess I just wanted to let you know that we ultimately
really enjoyed your workshop and we are grateful for the
opportunity to attend. Thank you!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in the UK..

Best Wishes,  2./15/2014

Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Pastiloff's
Manifestation Yoga Workshop

June 7th 5 - 7:30 P.M.

(Bring a mat, journal, pen and
small sweat towel, water etc.)

Pop Physique Brentwood
11740 San Vicente Blvd Suite 210,
Los Angeles, California 90049
(310) 395-9494

Space Is Limited Will Sell Out Fast
$55.00 Sign Up Here