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Jennifer's Post On Manifest-Station:
What The What is Karaoke Yoga?

Jennifer explains the genesis of the class and what participants get
from the experience in her
blog post on Mind Body Green:

So what is it?

It is, in a word: JOY.

It is what I always dreamed was possible. People being authentic and fearless
and being inspired.  It is food for your soul.

It is yoga without taking yourself too seriously.

It is singing your heart out and laughing and dancing and balancing and
sweating and letting go of all your fears.

It is connecting and letting your inner light shine.

It is finding your inner rockstar.

It is being silly and not giving a damn.

It is NOT about alignment.

It is NOT about being perfect.

It is NOT about singing well.

It is about being the most you.

It is about being authentic.

It is connecting some of the greatest pleasures I know of in life: dancing,
singing, yoga, connecting and good old fashioned rock'n'roll.

Karaoke yoga lets you sing while you stretch; Jennifer Pastiloff
devised the class at the luxury gym Equinox.

"If you're looking for a strict, alignment-based yoga class, don't come
because this isn't one of them," Jennifer Pastiloff said. "This is about
having the workout of your life, singing, dancing, feeling silly."
Karaoke Yoga Exists!

This is too perfect for anyone who loves working out as much as they love
having fun.

El Lay-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff has created a class at Equinox
in which people perform karaoke AND yoga simultaneously!

While yoga classes are normally known for their relaxing, calming and sometimes spiritual
environment, Pastiloff created Karaoke Yoga as a means of forming a
better connection with her students. The experienced teacher told sources:

Sunday Times Live - South Africa
Karaoke Yoga -The New LA Trend

Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff devised the class at the
luxury gym Equinox, and enlisting the aid of DJ Gina Mooring, created a
one-hour "joy-based" yoga-singing class that has attracted a hearty
following of students – and plenty of media buzz, including a segment
on the US-based television show  Good Morning America.

Bia Sport | Community Blog
Karaoke Yoga, GMA and “Owning It”!

My favorite off-season workout is Jennifer Pastiloff’s Manifestation Yoga class at
Equinox (Yes, I just yoga-instructor-name-dropped – so LA! Sigh). While I love the
stretch, most yoga is just way too serious for me. I sing out loud on the downhills.
I airband along to my iPod when I run. The cult of the perfect pose is just too
stressful for me. And then I went to Jennifer’s class.

Jennifer Pastiloff Creator of Karaoke Yoga
was featured on GMA December 26th, 2011
View Segment

Cameron Mathison of GMA attended & filmed Jennifer Pastiloff's Karaoke Yoga Class,
at Equinox South Bay, where she teaches, on 12/11/2011.  After hearing about the
class she came up with, they met with Jennifer and decided to air her class
on their upcoming feature: New Year, New You: 2012's Fitness Trends

Cameron tries out some of the craziest new fitness trends coming soon.
04:23 | 12/26/2011 for Good Morning America
(The Karaoke Yoga segment begins at the 2:14 minute mark)

ABC News Report Local 7 Los Angeles

Jennifer Pastiloff Karaoke Yoga
featured on ABC Eyewitness News
June, 20th, 2012

It's about connecting to our Joy!!

Good Morning America
Jennifer Pastiloff & Cameron Mathison
Karaoke Yoga
Cameron Mathison of GMA came to interview Jen and film her class
"Karaoke Rock Star Yoga" at Equinox Southbay  
on Sunday December 11th, 2011
The wonderful
Janice Anderson sang during Savasana.
Here are some the videos/pictures Jen posted on the
 "I Did It"  after the GMA visit.

I manifested being on Good Morning America! Woo Hoo!

I dreamt it and I certainly expected to be delighted.

I said ” And So It Is.”
Jennifer Pastiloff Yoga Good Morning America

Jen & Cameron wear
"What Are You Manifesting T-Shirts"
to help fund research for PWS

If you want to know more about what
Jen's nephew  has here is a link

Karaoke Yoga

“I’m on a mission to spread joy and have people feel good,” Pastiloff tells Buzz. It
occurred to her that a class mixing singing, dancing, and yoga would be the perfect way
to do just that. She talked to her manager at Equinox Fitness Club, where a similar class
that mixed singing and cycling had been successful, and Karaoke Yoga was born.

While Karaoke Yoga isn’t on the regular schedule yet, the idea is catching on. The first
class was last December, and was filmed by the Good Morning America show and earlier
this week was featured on ABC 7 in Los Angeles. The next class is scheduled for
August 12, 2012 at
South Bay Equinox in LA.

Huffington Post
Karaoke Yoga

National Yoga Month: 7 Unconventional Types Of Yoga To Celebrate

Karaoke Yoga, developed by Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff,
gives people the opportunity to stretch their limbs and their vocal chords.

The class is equipped with a TV screen to display song lyrics and, luckily for those
with stage fright, there are no solo performances. You can expect to sing along
with the whole class to songs from Adele, Elton John and Journey.

The focus of the class is joy, not the perfecting of poses. "It's not about alignment,
it's about connecting to your joy," Pasiloff said in an ABC News interview. Though not
about the yoga, per se, it's still about the workout: "It's longer exhales, it's
sweating, dancing," she insists.

Pastiloff wrote in a blog post for
Mind Body Green,"It is connecting some of the
greatest pleasures I know of in life: dancing, singing, yoga, connecting and
good old fashioned rock 'n' roll."

Watch Video Capturing The Essence Of
Jen's Manifestation Yoga Workshop®Combined With Karaoke Yoga®
at Dhyana Yoga Old City Philadelphia Sept 7th, 2012.

Thank you,
Joe Longo Photography Philadelphia
For Attending & Doing This & Giving People A Glimpse Into What Transpired

Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster:
Karaoke Yoga On The Lorraine Show In London-Watch Video
"I loved Karaoke Yoga! It was the most fun yoga class ever. Didn't feel like exercise
at all even though I was sweating bullets. I didn't feel embarrassed singing at all
as I thought I would, it's amazing! Absolutely loved it. Will be back. Can't wait
for it to hit the UK!"
Thank You Jen,

Karaoke Yoga On The Doctors
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears checks out the latest fitness trend that
not only releases stress but strengthens your core at the same
time – by singing! Learn more about Karaoke Yoga.
November 5th, 2012

Jennifer Pastiloff Karaoke Yoga
Jennifer Pastiloff & Penny Lancaster Karaoke Yoga Los Angeles
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Jennifer Pastiloff
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