This is not your typical yoga retreat. There is writing, journaling, sharing, fun,
laughter, an occasional dance party & opening up. It is life changing!

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"Your retreat in Ojai Jenn! My
soul needed that. You are
truly a gifted girl. The way
you balance sincerity
and levity.

You are one
woman! "


Amy Jo Johnson
Star of CBS Flashpoint

"Inspiration.  Let me express my gratitude to
Jennifer who led me to the Yoga Retreat in Tuscany.  
Encouraging me, inspiring me, as a beginner, to try
those poses (and yes, Jen, I laughed when I fell!).  

Sun salutations in sunny Italy, yoga every day,
great food and wine, watching the sun set in
the Tuscan hills and touring medieval was a great experience.  
And I owe it to you Jen!"

Luv, LuAnne

"Jennifer Pastiloff is no ordinary yoga teacher. She
infuses her classes with the scents of sage and
lavender and the sounds of rock n' roll music and
laughter.  She makes kicking your butt seem fun!
And having been to will inspire you and even turn
your life around if you will let her. She did it
for me. Then she'll ply you with wine and
chocolate. It really doesn't get better
than that!"

Laura Donnelly
co-star of the ABC drama
"Jenn! I am so thrilled our paths
crossed....I really needed you
and to breathe again. It was
truly inspirational and uplifting.
I feel awake and for the first time
in a long time have some clarity.
Faith is restored and I have a
lot to do!! I love you
Thank You!!!"

Melissa Burnett
Children's Book Author
Manifestation Yoga Jennifer Pastiloff Santa Monica

"I've been practicing yoga for 20 years. Along the
way, I've had some pretty remarkable teachers.
But, I can say I've had none like Jen.  Not knowing
what to expect, I hopped a train in Rome (where
I currently live) and headed up to Tuscany for
her retreat on the recommendation of a friend.

I headed into class expecting all the normal
twisting and adjustments, but what I got was
so much more. She takes you to another place
entirely. Yoga for me has always been grounding,
a place to struggle and rest, to release and
search. Jen gave me all that and also made it
fun like only Jen can. You may walk in with
an ego, but you won’t walk out with one.
What she’ll leave you with instead
is pure joy.”

Sabrina Lloyd
Actor-Writer-World Traveler
Jen's Tuscany Retreat

"One of the most
amazing experiences
of my life,
I will always cherish
the memory"

Jen's Ojai Yoga Retreat
Keith Mitchell
Former NFL star
(New Orleans Saints)
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga Retreats- Would You Rather Hang Out With People Who Are Wowed By Nothing, or Wowed by everything? That's what I ghought.

"I am officially hooked on Manifestation Yoga retreats
with Jennifer Pastiloff so much so that I just signed
up for her next retreat in Mexico one day after I
returned from Ojai with her."

Stacy Small
President Elite Travel
What Is A Manifestation Retreat?
(If you want to see what others wrote about Jennifer Pastiloff's  Manifestation Retreats and see a great video by Joe Longo please click link above.)

3 Day Ojai, Ca New Year's
Dec 30th 2014-Jan 1st, 2015
Santa Barbara County Yoga Retreat
Fly Into LAX 2 Hour Drive North
$300 Non-Refundable Deposit
Memory Albums & Comments

7 Nights 8 Day Tuscany, Italy
Summer 2015
This retreat to Tuscany is by invite only so please
send an
email and let Jen know why you want
to join. This retreat will be life changing.

Summer-Booking Now June/July 2015
$500 Non-Refundable Deposit

Memory Albums With Pictures & Comments

4 Day Ojai Labor Day Retreat
Summer 2015
Writing & The Body II
Jennifer Pastiloff & Lidia Yuknavitch
Friday Through Monday
September 4th-September 7th
Manifestation Yoga® Retreat
$300 Non-Refundable Deposit Option #6
Santa Barbara County Yoga Retreat
Fly Into LAX 2 Hour Drive North

Join Author Lidia Yuknavitch & Jennifer Pastiloff
at their groundbreaking retreat:
Writing & The Body
This will be an intense,
else you've done experience so leave
expectations behind.
Jan 30th to Feb 1st, 2015
in Ojai, Calif.
2 Nights - 3 Days


Dear Jen,

Reading online and blog-surfing are entirely different animals than meeting someone in person, and meeting you was my first
chance at marrying the two. We make our own impressions of what the writer might be like based on the words themselves.
I am happy to note that the Jen I met last weekend only enhances the Jen-words I have been reading for nearly a year.

First, thank you for creating such an inspiring experience. The branch of yoga you have designed is ingenious, and I was having
so much fricken fun---you can tell by the goofy grin I am wearing in one of Shannon's pictures. The music, the dancing, your
enthusiasm made each movement a decadent dessert. While I was in those classes, I forgot about my humble demons and
the stresses that drive me a little too much throughout the day---worries of food, timing, feeling guilty about not being
what other's need, etc.

Continuing with your writing, I am so looking forward to getting a copy of your book. So, keep writing! No pressure though.:)

At Kripalu last weekend, this all expanded. I made so many incredible connections, you being one of them. I hope that we
can continue the connection. You are still on my vision board, along with the likes of Wayne Dyer, Jackie MacMillan,
my Grandpa, & Oprah.

Thank you for teaching me the power of being truly authentic and vulnerable. This was a big attempt of mine at doing
just that:

Vulnerably…I Do Not Drink

I am forever grateful. I am manifesting another retreat with you.


Mandy Rogers
Personal Trainer & Social Media Specialist
NCC Fitness Director
TOP Fitness Strength & Conditioning
Kripalu Retreat Jan/Feb 2013


I attended your workshop at Kripalu last weekend. Coming back to the "real world" after last weekend has been hard, being a
responsible adult, returning to work and showing up to life feels like a big time challenge after consecutive days of feeling
cracked open and raw and human and beautiful.  

I'm a nanny, and the Monday I returned from your workshop I worked 12.5 hours with teething four month old.  He was insatiable
and screaming and kept falling asleep for 10 minutes and then waking up screeching miserably.  I left work and sobbed on the
phone with a friend, talked about how I spent the weekend rooting into myself and my dreams and humanness, and then felt
totally toppled by the task of showing up for life.  When I got in the shower that night, I saw the tattoo you had us put on that
first night of the retreat.  What I'm manifesting is a stronger connection with my higher power, a deeper unconditional love
for myself. I saw that tattoo and my whole body softened.  I remembered how gentle I could be with myself in that room, I
remembered sobbing  into yoga, I remembered Rachel putting her hands on me with Lavender on them in Shavasana.

I want to tell you because I need to say thank you.  Thank you for reminding me how deeply I am loved in the world.  That
I am imperfect and vulnerable and lovable and human.  I feel like one of the biggest lessons I'm learning right now is that
there's no such thing as arrival.  But just so you know, last weekend, I got that warm glow in my heart that made me feel
like I was gonna be okay forever.  I felt so raw and cracked open and filled with light, and I believed that I got to stay there.
And I'm softening into the reminder that not staying in that warm glow is part of what makes it so magical.  I know that it's
the balance of screaming babies and warm glow that makes life exactly as beautiful and messy and fucked up and magical
as it is.

So thank you for being a human in the world.  Thank you for reminding me that I can show up and be my fullest self and be
loved for it.  Thank you for the reminder to be vulnerable.  Thank you for this tattoo that helps me to feel like a piece of
my heart is still crying on my mat in Lenox, Massachusetts.

I have a map on the back of my bedroom door that's kind of like a vision board--a wide heart that branches into all the ways
I want to be in the world--learning, growing, playing, creating etc.  When I came home, I wrote 'keep manifesting your
dreams' under ways I want to grow.  I needed that reminder. I needed that retreat.  I feel such deep gratitude for
sharing that space with you.

So much appreciation, love, strength and serenity.
And blessings.

Kripalu Retreat Jan/Feb 2013

The following is a gorgeous post by my dear friend
Sara Lieberman author of the upcoming
"The Handbags Tale".

I met Sara in 2011 when I taught my Manifestation
workshop in NYC and she joined me on my Italy
retreat June/July 2012.

This post is a testament as to what goes down at
one of my retreats. I could not have written it
better myself! It’s such an honor that she
wrote this.

Thank you Sara. Thank you. See you all in Italy!

Awe & Wonder 2012 by Sara Lieberman
"A Testament To All Things Italian"

7 Nights 8 Day Tuscany, Italy
Fall 2015
This retreat to Tuscany is by invite only so please
send an
email and let Jen know why you want
to join. This retreat will be life changing.

Fall-Booking Now September/Oct 2015
$500 Non-Refundable Deposit

Memory Albums With Pictures & Comments

3 Day Ojai, Ca Mother's Day Weekend 2015
Book Now
May 8th-10th 2015
Santa Barbara County Retreat
Fly Into LAX 2 Hour Drive North
Memory Albums & Comments

Some Of The Retreat Memory Albums,
Pictures & Comments

Vermont 2013 Yoga & Writing Retreat
w/ Jennifer Pastiloff  & Emily Rapp
Tuscany 2013 Memory Album
Galapagos 2013 Memory Album
Xinalani Mexico 2012 Memory Album
Tuscany 2011 & 2012 Memory Album
Bali 2012 Memory Album
All Ojai Albums
Making Sh*t Happen: The Experience of a Lifetime.
By Martha Meyer Barantovich
"A perfectly perfect day.  A perfectly perfect time of year.  A perfectly perfect opportunity for relaxation.  It would seem that flying to LA and driving the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH for all the
cool kids) while watching the sun set into the water was a brilliant idea.  Ojai, Ca..was the backdrop for an amazing retreat with Jennifer Pastiloff, of the New Jersey Pastiloffs and of Karaoke
Yoga/Manifestation Workshop fame. I had signed my beloved husband Joe (heretofore “My Lobster) and myself up for Jen’s Iaugural Manifestation New Year’s Retreat. I walked in feeling like
I was hanging onto my last ounce of sanity and left more than transformed, with enough life changing memories and lessons that will stick with me forever."

"Broken, Battered, Bewildered and Beautiful.” Continue Reading This Beautiful Essay Here........

Image Tuscany @Ebbio  2014
I am not a yogi. My vinyasa are more ‘interpretive’ than anything else and my warrior poses are wobbly -- even my child pose lacks charm.
But none of that mattered. All that mattered was that I could be present and that I could breathe.

This past weekend, I stepped farther out of my comfort zone than I ever thought I could. I’d signed up for a Manifestation Yoga/Writing
retreat with no real expectation of whatI would experience. As soon as I met Jennifer Pastiloff and Emily Rapp, I knew it would be amazing.
The yoga and writing sessions challenged me physically, intellectually, and emotionally. I connected with strangers and reconnected with
myself.  I found a placewhere others felt as strongly as I do that kindness matters, grace can be contagious,and that there is more beauty
around us than we realize.

During the course of three short days, my world slowed down for me and I was able to give love, to receive love, and when I left I
could say “I have done love.”

Thanks to both Jennifer and Emily for making me stretch in all kinds of ways, and thanks to my new tribe for letting me be me.

Angela M. Giles Patel

New Years Eve 2015
Coming soon
if you want information

Jennifer Pastiloff will be a guest speaker at
Canyon Ranch in soon in
Lennox, MA

Contact them for more information:
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga Retreat 2014 Tuscany June
Pre-race celebration/race dress rehearsal the
night before the Palio di Siena 2014 in the
square. Siena in Tuscany.
Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga Retreat Tuscany Summer 2014

Image Tuscany @Ebbio 2014