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3 Ways to Fight Negative Self-Talk

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Featuring- Most Beloved Jen Pastiloff. Writer, teacher, Mom, delightful human

A Conversation with On Being Human‘s Jennifer Pastiloff, December 2018

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How Jennifer Pastiloff Went From Being a Career Waitress to Building a Business Based on Being Herself

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Manifesting the Everywoman Story




Stop Should-ing On Yourself

Jennifer welcomes to the podcast author, yoga teacher and inspirational human, Jen Pastiloff. Jen’s forthcoming memoir, On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real and Listening Hard, chronicles her incredible journey in a way no other medium could. In addition to being an accomplished author, Jen runs a unique workshop, a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing aloud, and the occasional dance party. Jen is a frequent contributor to SHAPE Magazine and has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News and others for her unique teaching style. She also runs global retreats where she aims to help women to heal, connect deeply, and find peace. Also on iTunes.

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You Are Not Broken, You’re Human

Jen travels the world, leading On Being Human workshops that integrate movement, writing, sharing aloud and belonging to create a space where shame, hiding and isolation exit and grace, beauty and revelation, along with a whole lot of laughing and dancing enter. Jen is also the founder of the online magazine The Manifest-Station. All of this is informed by her own personal journey, one that had her believing she was a bad person from the time she was a child, and living with depression and anxiety while slowly losing her hearing. She kept all of this secret until a moment of awakening that set her on a profoundly different, more open, accepting and joyful path and led her to eventually step into her role as a writer, teacher and leader.


On Being Human with Jen Pastiloff

In this episode, Rachel is joined by her dear friend, writer, public speaker and teacher of all things love, Jen Pastiloff to celebrate the release of Jen’s book ‘On Being Human’. The two have an intimate chat on vulnerability, b******t stories we tell ourselves, and how to let ourselves off the hook. So often, we believe that we don’t fit it or that we are not enough. But the truth is, we are all human and we are all allowed to take up space in this world.Tune in for a raw and real episode that will remind you of your life’s purpose.



Kathryn and Kate host a live event with Jennifer Pastiloff, author of the brand-new memoir, On Being Human. The duo talk to Jen about, well, being human: depression and death and truth and dorking out.

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On Being Human with Jen Pastiloff

Jennifer Pastiloff, founder of the online magazine The Manifest-Station, travels the world with her unique workshop On Being Human, a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing aloud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party. She is a frequent contributor to SHAPE Magazine, has online yoga classes, and has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News, and others for her unique style of teaching, which she has taught to thousands of women in sold-out workshops all over the world -- including one in France in just a few weeks!

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On Being Human & A Writer

We're only human and we all struggle to quiet the IA - our inner a*****e - as Jen Pastiloff coined it. In this episode Jen shares how her agent found her, what it's like building a large social platform and using a street team based on community sharing to promote her book, On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real & Listening Hard. We also discuss the art of the ask when it comes to blurbs and book proposals. Also, on Spotify and iTunes.


Love Forward Talks: Inspiration To Love And Be Loved More Than Ever

The first ever Love Forward Talks occurred on November 11, 2018 at Boston Court Pasadena. The topic of this event was "Thanks+Love+Giving." The speakers contemplated how we can insert more love into our divided country, communities, families and holiday gatherings.


On Being Human Beyond Well with Sheila Hamilton

Jen Pastiloff speaks with honesty and clarity about the often rocky path to becoming human. This episode is for anyone who has ever struggled with body image, eating disorders, or depression.