On Being Human: A Workshop of Waking Up, Living Real, And Listening Hard.



We explore what it means to be human.
We Connect to our inner dork, quiet the inner asshole,
We do a little karaoke yoga
We (hopefully) become more fearless-ish, 
We Uncover the stories our bodies hold. 
We begin to Leave the Land-of-not-Enoughness.
We laugh a ton.
We cry.

We let the snot fly.
We breathe.
We write.
We write beautiful sentences & some shitty ones.
We embrace imperfection & how messy life can be. We bear witness.
We don’t look away.
We connect.
We wake up, live real & listen hard. (That’s the name of my book too: Pn Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real & Listening Hard. 

It’s weird and magical. I made it up! I used to wait tables at the same cafe for almost 14 years & now I do.... this. This thing. This thing I made up. Isn’t that cool?