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"What are YOU manifesting?"
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Tay Sachs & Allided Diseases
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Who Lost His Battle With
Tay Sachs 2/15/2013
The Sunday Rumpus Essay
"Getting Made"- Jen Pastiloff

Karen Salmansohn
Best Selling Author and Oprah Columnist quoted Jen in some
of her famous posters.
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Teach Your Old Brain New Tricks & Instant Happy

Jenni Young & Bryant McGill -  Simple Reminders Posters
For Living An Inspired Life-
Bryant Mcgill

"Jennifer is an awesome creature. I was like four planks of wood nailed together
haphazardly before I started with her and she has somehow fashioned rubber from
wood. We'll, I can touch my toes now anyway. As patient and delightful a teacher
and person you could hope for. She's deaf as a post though so be prepared for
somec onfusing discussions whilst in down dog. If she can fix me she
can fix anyone."

Gary Lightbody- Snow Patrol
Manifestation Yoga Jennifer Pastiloff Santa Monica
Jennifer Pastiloff & Dr Wayne Dyer

Jennifer Pastiloff's Blog
The Manifest-Station
A Place For Words
"When I started to achieve success as a
yoga teacher very early on in my career
people would ask how it was that I made
such profound changes in my life so
quickly. How so many amazing things
kept showing up for me, from being
on Good Morning America and traveling
around the world with sold out retreats
& workshops or becoming a writer for
Positively Positive.

As Wayne Dyer says:
`It is not our job to ask how or when
but to say YES!`
That is just what I did."

Jennifer Pastiloff,
Writer, Joyologist, Retreat Leader,
Motivational Speaker & Advocate
For  Kids With Special Needs

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Dr Wayne Dyer! Read Here
My Beloved Teacher Visits The
Manifestation Q&A Series.
A Dream Come True

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Jennifer Pastiloff Introduces "Karaoke Yoga"
So what is it?   It is, in a word: JOY!
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Essay: Making Sh*t Happen: The
Experience of a Lifetime. #MSH
By Martha Barantovich

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Poet Naomi Shihab Nye says "I am a fan
of Jennifer Pastiloff and her blog!"
Video By Joe Longo Workshop Philly

"Thank you, Jennifer for
shining your light on mine"
Christy Turlington Burns-Founder
"Every Mother Counts"

"Every Body Counts"
Essay by Jennifer Pastiloff

"Every Body Counts"
Video Chat with Jennifer &
Christy Turlington Burns
Jennifer Pastiloff & Christy Turlington Burns

"We are so excited to have Jennifer Pastiloff as Reimagine's Official
Inspiration & Wellness Expert! Check out
after our Spring 2014 launch for exclusive videos, straight
from Jen!"

5 People to Forgive Before the Year Ends by Amy Shearn
Writer and teacher Jennifer Pastiloff has a great post about taking things personally
on her site,
The Manifest-Station, in which she writes, "I want to have lived. Having
said that,  I want to decide what gets my goat. I want to decide what makes me fall
on the  floor in a heap and I'll be damned if it's going to be someone asking me
if I am pregnant because I look fat in  a photograph."
Read More

Gina Frangello
(Sunday editor of The Rumpus) says:
"Jennifer Pastiloff has become one of our most powerful and intimate
Sunday Rumpus essay contributors.This just knocked me over--so
honored and proud to publish Jen's work"
The Sunday Rumpus Essay:

"You’re a beautiful force
for good in the world,
Jen. I’m proud to
know you."

Dani Shapiro - Author
New Release "Still Writing"
& "Devotion"

"Jennifer is one of my
favorite yoga teachers
and sources of

Alissa Finerman Author
" Living in Your Top 1%"

I am so honored to have been
asked to write a piece for
Cameron Diaz's
New Site
"The Body Book"


Read Here
"It's Going To Be Alright On
Conquering Anorexia And
Self Loathing"

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If You Want To Know Something About Jen's Manifestation
Yoga Retreats
® Please Read These Beautiful Essays:

Thank you Nicole Markardt for writing this lovely essay
following he Kripalu Retreat.  I am truly humbled.
Thank you, Nicole! - Jen

"It didn’t take long to awaken my hunger for expansion or to open my heart.
As I sat there, something truly amazing happened – my heart cracked wide
open once again. I experienced an awakening."....
"I Got You- How A Yogalebrity Inspired My Life"
by Nicole Markardt

I just returned from leading my Manifestation New Year’s Retreat, and Martha
Barantovich, who attended the retreat, wrote this gorgeous piece about
her experience.
Thank you, Martha! - Jen

"Be Vulnerable. Good Grief, Be Vulnerable."
by Martha Barantovich
As Featured On Oprah.com
Poster SimpleReminders.com

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to the
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